New to Online Selling?
eCommerce 101
Order by Phone
Call us toll-free at 1.800.850.7707 within the U.S. or dial 310.577.9111 for international orders.

Advanced Shopping Cart
Employ a “shopping cart” to allow customers to select multiple products during their session and buy them at one time in a single checkout.

Credit Card Gateway Support
Real-time credit card authorization available with most payment gateways. (We recommend for full features).

Quickbooks Compatible
Export orders to QuickBooks format. It also features searchable order data, the ability to easily print order data, easy-to-use shipment and fulfillment interface. You can also export sales and customer data for use in an external spreadsheet.

Website Statistics
Full web site statistics available including order, product and bestseller statistics.

Safe and Secure Transactions
This includes full HTTPS/SSL support for credit card transactions and sensitive customer information. In addition, it features secure, password-protected administrative access. Customer data is encrypted. There is also support for PGP-encrypted email notifications, notifications of failed login attempts and a backup sub-system.

Coupon Codes/Gift Certificates
Apply discount coupon codes and gift certificates.

Personal Customer Accounts
Customers can create personal accounts on your ecommerce website. These accounts will maintain shipping addresses, billing addresses, and order history.

Semi-Custom Home Page
Work with our designers to edit a home page template for your ecommerce website that allows you to feature some of your products and/or categories.

Ten Custom Category Pages
Our design team will taylor-build ten category header pages that lead customers to your products. Visually enhance your customer's experience. Additional category headers come with a nominal fee.

Add Your Own Products
Easily add and edit products to the product database. Products can have a thumbnail and multiple detailed images. One-click enable and disable products in your inventory. Products can have any number of options (like size and color). Apply minimum order amounts to individual items if you need to. Use simple text or HTML-rich (bold, italic, color, font size, etc.) product descriptions. You may also define your own custom product input fields if you need more control.

Featured Products
Select featured products to appear in category pages and on the home page of your ecommerce website.

Multiple Product Categories
Products can appear in up to 4 levels of categories. Search by title, category and description and browse products by categories. Nest your own categories within other categories to help customers easily find products they are looking for. Easily enable or disable whole categories of products. Also allows you to input your own category thumbnail images.

Promotional Pricing
Show MSRP and sale prices.

You have the ability to cross-sell other products and add-ons from each product page.

Automatic Inventory Control
Optionally display “Out of Stock” messages or stop displaying and item if its inventory goes below a user defined level.

UPS, FedEx, USPS & More
Real-time UPS, FedEx and USPS shipping calculations available (Separate shipper accounts may be required. Additional fees may be required for some shipping companies.). Apply taxes and shipping fees based on the customer's location.

Automatic Shipping Calculations
Define weights per product for shipping calculations or define a flat shipping charge per item. Mark individual items as “free shipping”.

Separate Handling & Freight
You have the ability to apply separate handling and freight charges.

Downloadable Products Option
Support for downloadable goods (e-goods) including software, e-books, videos, music, PDF's, etc.

Reseller/Wholesale Pricing
Customers can be organized into groups (like dealer, premium customer, etc.) and have specific elements (e.g. wholesale prices, premium customer discounts, etc.) appear only to members of that group.

Email Marketing
Send emails to participating customers and opt-in visitors.

List bestsellers automatically on your ecommerce website.

Wish Lists
Customers can maintain wishlists of products they wish to buy in the future that is separate from their shopping cart.

Customer Product Reviews
Moderated product reviews and rankings for individual products.

Create Your Own Pages
You have the ability to create and certain static pages on the site (may require some HTML knowledge).

Custom Programming/Design
For an hourly fee, our team can also integrate custom design to translate your company brand to the web, and custom programming for any of your unique business needs.

Help Section
Add your own general help, support numbers and other customer information on this page.

About Us Page
Post information about your company, staff, history, mission, products and/or location.

Contact Us Page
This is an area for you to display contact information and allows visitors to send you general inquiries using a simple form.

Privacy Policy
Post your information regarding what information you collect from visitors and how your company uses it.

Terms and Conditions
This is an area for you to include any legal requirements regarding your products and/or usage of your ecommerce website.

This is a list of frequently asked questions that you can update.

Shipping Information
Display any specific policies visitors can refer to with regards to shipping.

Return Policy
Allow customers to review your return policies on this page.

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